Welcome to Holy Trinity Foundation

In a Nation where there is more despair than hope, where iniquity overpowers justice and realities are confined to dreams, there are a few still amongst us with a firm belief that a pure and simple vision will help to eradicate at least a fragment of despair, iniquity and in time evolve the dreams into reality. Such, is a vision that inspired a personage ten years ago which has become his ultimate mission at present.

Mr. Ranjan Gomez is the Joint Managing Director and a Founder Director of Access Group of Companies, a pioneering conglomerate in Sri Lanka. Mr. Gomez has reached the pinnacle of his career and has contributed immensely to the organization in which he is recognised as an inimitable personality. Yet, with such immeasurable success, wealth and prosperity, he has never withdrawn from his humble beginnings, his morals and most of all, his union with the Lord.

At the age of forty, precisely ten years ago, Mr. Ranjan Gomez made a solemn promise to the Lord, a promise that would not only enhance the lives of many but also one that would leave a distinct impression on future generations.